Upcoming event: Franco-German Relations: What potential to influence the future of the EU?


Franco German Relations(1)

With a seemingly shifting world order, expectations towards the European Union are growing with regards to its ability to transform.

French President Emmanuel Macron laid out his vision for a more integrated Europe early during his presidency and made clear that these ambitions could not be realised without Germany. Even though Chancellor Angela Merkel has backed calls for reform, she remained hesitant to some of Macron’s ideas.

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Upcoming event: A Common European Defence Market – How to Tackle Fragmentation

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Among the main targets of European defence initiatives is the fragmentation and inefficiency of the European defence market. European Union member states currently procure 80% of their defence equipment nationally. According to a European Commission estimate, this leads to a loss of around 50 billion € in opportunity costs per year. Fostering a more collaborative defence market will be a key if policy makers in Europe wish for more capable and interoperable armed forces.

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Upcoming Event: The Future of the European Union: A liberal view from Germany

Copyright: OSCE/Micky Amon-Kröll


More than five months after the election, Germany has finally been able to form a government. The conclusion of the coalition talks were received with relief, also beyond its national borders. Germany is now capable of acting politically again, which means that not only domestic politics can go ahead, but decisions and reforms on the European level can be fully tackled as well. Brexit in the West, infringement to the rule of law in the East, and looming transatlantic tensions are only a few challenges that will need further attention in the future.

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