Upcoming event: Reforming the EU: A view from Poland by Ryszard Petru

Ryszard Petru 2
Copyright: ALDE Party

Recent elections in the Netherlands and France have shown that the citizens’ desire of a strong European Union has not dissolved. Nevertheless, the EU stands at crossroads and has to re-define itself, especially when looking at the Member States to the East.

Poland’s relationship with the EU has deteriorated since the conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party came into power. The first ever “rule-of-law procedure” undertaken by the European Commission against Poland, points to a bigger problem: the rise of illiberal democracy in some countries of the EU. In which direction is Poland heading and what are the chances to stop the democratic slide?

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Upcoming event: The Human Rights Situation in the Philippines

Vanya R.
Copyright: flickr.com/Vanya_R._CC_BY_2.0


The relationship of Southeast Asia and the EU is of particular importance as these two regions are closely entangled in today’s globalized economy. This is not only the case economically: through increased migration flows for example, globalization has shown that human rights issues may affect other parts of the world too.

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Upcoming event: Duo Liberal. Im Gespräch mit MdEP Angelika Mlinar & Michael Theurer 

Copyright: Michael Theurer; NEOS Angelika Mlinar

Nach einem turbulentem Jahr 2016, konnten bisher im Superwahljahr 2017 die liberalen Kräfte in den Niederlanden und Frankreich die Wahl für sich entscheiden. Auf die Briten folgend, werden in den kommenden Wochen und Monaten auch die Deutschen, Österreicher und Tschechen an die Wahlurne gebeten. Dabei steht die Europäische Union vor großen internen und externen Herausforderungen.

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