Female Forward International


#FemaleForwardInternational presents the stories of powerful women worldwide rising above the tide and classic hierarchies.

As part of the campaign, the European Dialogue will highlight two strong and passionate women: Eva Díaz and Anna Donath.

Their achievements and life stories show how organizations, businesses, and communities can thrive when women take on bigger roles. 

Learn more about them, as the campaign unfolds and check back for videos, articles & events! 



When the first participants Together with its partners at the ALDE Party and the European Liberal Forum, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation has been working for years to empower women in politics. The results speak for themselves.

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The number of women in politics is still low in East-European countries. The Indítsuk Be Magyarországot Foundation wants to fight this by its new project called Hungarian Women’s Academy , which wants to motivate women to engage in politics.

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Meet our first ambassador Eva Díaz, CEO of Appogeo Digital in Spain. Born in 1962, she completed her gender identity transition process in 2015, being able to maintain her professional and personal activities during this process and becoming a role model for a new type of leadership.

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Follow the inspiring stories of four strong women from Latvia, sharing their stories about perseverance, courage, and fight against prejudice at a panel discussion in Riga, Latvia.


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