512px-Flag-map_of_Greece.svgGreece currently experiences a profound crisis, both economic and social. In view of its high sovereign debt, the Hellenic Republic has applied radical tax reforms in order to consolidate its budget. This however is only the beginning of Greece’s catharsis as fundamental administrative reforms, well-directed business development, and the creation of transparent structures have to follow.

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom supports its Greek partner organizations in their efforts to build a better future. It is our firm conviction that the current crisis can only be overcome with pan-European efforts and in cooperation with local civil society actors. The Friedrich Naumann Foundation aims to provide a platform for an intensification of the dialogue on the benefits of European integration, for the development of joint solutions to the challenges of tomorrow and for the creation of a deeper understanding of each other’s views.


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Our offices are located on Panepistimiou Ave. close to Omonoia Square. Please make an appointment before your visit as our offices are not always fully staffed.


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