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Once again, Europe is at the crossroads: in the face of the Covid-19 crisis, rising eurosceptic voices and foreign powers questioning Europe’s role in the world, the EU has to find answers to these unprecedented challenges. It is time to Reshape Europe!

With the German EU Council-Presidency ahead, the European Dialogue Programme will explore a variety of pressing issues on the EU agenda, including infrastructure, digitisation, rule of law, human rights, economy and the environment. While the list of challenges seems never ending, the EU needs to foster increased public dialogue and promote sustainable joint approaches to strengthen its role at home and abroad.

Let us channel the power of freedom and open societies together, and join us on the path to #ReshapeEurope.

On 1 July, Germany takes over the EU Council Presidency and faces a major agenda. With the Re:start21 - Reshape Europe campaign we want to find answers to the most burning questions, when rethinking Europe.


EU Council Presidency: Time for Leadership in the Service of Europe

Rarely has an EU Council Presidency faced such challenges. It is clear that Germany must resolutely accept its leading role in the EU and move from being an administrator to a constructive developer!



EU Special Summit: Pressure Needed in the Dispute over the Rule of Law

3 Questions & Answers with Member of European Parliament (MEP) Moritz Körner on the EU Special Summit.




Wanted: An Effective and Sustainable Financial Framework for Europe

On the agenda of the European Council: the Multiannual Financial Framework and the “Next Generation EU” programme for the rebuilding of the EU after the Corona health crisis. EU-expert Thomas Ilka has the latest news on the content of the negotiations, lines of conflict, actors and timeframes.


Event Report: Liberal Breakfast on the German EU Council Presidency

Last week, we teamed up once again with ALDE Party for a Liberal Breakfast. Find out more about Nicola Beer’s (Vice President, European Parliament) main expectations for the German EU Council Presidency in this recap of the event.

Couldn’t join us in person? No worries! We also included a link to the live stream for you.

The German EU Council Presidency – In Search of the European Bang!

Germany takes over the Presidency of the EU Council; a routine process in the wheelwork of Brussels: preparing and chairing meetings of the member states from speaker to governmental level, mediating differences, avoiding red lines, finding compromises, keeping a balance between the role of “honest broker” and personal  interests.

Brexit: Crunch Time for the German Presidency

The 1 July deadline for the UK to apply for an extension of the Brexit transition period coincides with the start of Germany’s six-month rotating EU Presidency. Germany takes the helm at a time of unprecedented political and economic challenges,  and Brexit is certainly set to be high on the Presidency’s agenda.




...days left of the German EU Council Presidency


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