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On 1 July, Germany takes over the EU Council Presidency and faces a major agenda. With the Re:start21 - Reshape Europe campaign we want to answer the question what needs to be done now to rethink Europe.



The German EU Council Presidency – In Search of the European Bang!

Germany takes over the Presidency of the EU Council; a routine process in the wheelwork of Brussels: preparing and chairing meetings of the member states from speaker to governmental level, mediating differences, avoiding red lines, finding compromises, keeping a balance between the role of “honest broker” and personal  interests.

Brexit: Crunch Time for the German Presidency

The 1 July deadline for the UK to apply for an extension of the Brexit transition period coincides with the start of Germany’s six-month rotating EU Presidency. Germany takes the helm at a time of unprecedented political and economic challenges,  and Brexit is certainly set to be high on the Presidency’s agenda.

The German Council Presidency – Migration Policy Expectations

Hardly any other topic has been as intensely debated in recent years as the future of the EU’s asylum and migration policy. During its Presidency, Germany should therefore devote a great deal of political capital to disentangling the positions that have been deadlocked for years.


Connecting Europe – For a Common Infrastructure Strategy

The EU needs a European infrastructure strategy. Traditional and modern infrastructures, whether real or digital, are the paths along which growth, jobs and prosperity for Europe’s citizens advance and are created.



German Council Presidency – Holding the EU Together at the Centre of Europe

On 1 July 2020, the Federal Republic of Germany will take over the Presidency of the European Union (EU). This means that it will conduct the business of the Member States for six months, insofar as they meet in the various Councils of Ministers and in the European Council and participate in EU decisions.


...days left of the German EU Council Presidency


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