Opposition Conservatives, Liberals Edge Toward Win in Lithuania’s General Election

Article originally posted on 4Liberty.eu, by Aneta Vaine and LFMI

Lithuania voted in the general national election on October 11. The opposition conservative party Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats secured victory in the first round of the general vote, claiming 25% of the votes and 23 seats in the country’s 141-seat parliament.

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New 4Liberty Review available

Liberty Review No. 8 - Kopie - Kopie

The eighth issue of 4liberty.eu Review focuses on personal freedoms and discusses the topic from various perspectives, including: freedom of the press, paternalism, social media, religious freedom, among others. The point of view is, as always, Central and Eastern European. 4liberty.eu has managed to gather a number of various, highly captivating contributions, which they trust would assist the Reader in navigating the truly challenging reality of personal freedoms in the region at present.

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The EU in 2015 – Where do we go from here?

IMG_5344Current political developments in the European Union and beyond show that liberal values are constantly under threat and cannot be taken for granted. Which efforts are at present undertaken to safeguard them today and in the future? Young researchers from the foundation’s partner organisations in Estonia, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic came to Brussels in order to discuss the challenges for the new European Commission as well as the member states with representatives from the EU institutions, EU politicians and political analysts in Brussels.

The delegation members belonged to think tanks which regularly publish their findings on the web portal 4liberty.eu, a platform for liberal thinkers from Central and Eastern Europe supported by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation.

Christina Brunnenkamp

“Expectations vs. Reality: A decade after the Eastern Enlargement”

FNF-Brussels_4 (Kopie)A delegation of three representatives of the “4Liberty.eu” Network, a platform for experts and intellectuals from Central and Eastern Europe, as well as three campaign organizers visited Brussels in February. Under the motto “expectations vs. reality” the discussions looked back at the developments in the participants home countries in the last decade post-accession and ahead to the upcoming European Parliament elections in May 2014. On the agenda were meetings with Members of the European Parliament, the European Commission, experts at the Centre for European Policy Studies as well as a public event (see: Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland: from EUphoria to post-accession EUrealism?). Continue reading