Liberal Family Reunion in the Cradle of Democracy

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation at the ALDE Party Congress in Athens


“Δημοκρατία” Democracy – it is not without reason that ancient Athens is regarded as the cradle of popular rule. As the first great city with claims to power over the Mediterranean and one of the first great European metropolises, Athens was also the gathering place of the world’s first parliament and the Athenian People’s Assembly, which took place several times a month. Continue reading

European Liberals Gear Up for Election Campaign

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Family get-togethers are usually an occasion for heartfelt reunions, swapping news, forging plans, and often welcoming new members. The gathering in Madrid, where more than a thousand European liberals met for the annual ALDE Congress, was no exception. Following stations in Warsaw and Amsterdam, this time the event was hosted by the Spanish Ciudadanos (Cs). The strategic groundwork was laid for the upcoming European election campaign. The fifty-page platform left no doubt that the ALDE family — a coalition with a membership of more than 60 parties — would be tackling an impressive workload over the course of its two-and-a-half-day Congress.

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Ein Familientreffen in Europa


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Wer beim Familientreffen mit über 900 Verwandten zusammenkommt, kann guten Gewissens sagen, er oder sie gehört zu einer besonderen Familie. Die Stiftung für die Freiheit gehört zu so einer besonderen Familie, der Familie der europäischen Liberalen. Beim diesjährigen Kongress in Warschau trafen wir alte Bekannte und gewannen neue Freunde hinzu. Zusammen diskutierten wir über die Zukunft Europas, über Freiheit, über Chancen, über das, was uns am Herzen liegt. Und wie das in einer Familie eben ist, gibt es manchmal auch Meinungsverschiedenheiten. Über die wird dann gesprochen und geschaut, wo und wie ein Kompromiss zu finden ist. Wie das Familien eben tun.

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Liberal Breakfast: Hands on – How can Liberals unite?

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Wednesday, 9 December 2015
8.00 – 9.30

Venue: ALDE Party, Rue d’Idalie 11, 1050 Brussels

About the event

The European Union is facing a seemingly never-ending list of challenges these days: refugee crisis, terrorism, Euroscepticism, unemployment, energy union and the digital single market are just some of the issues on the agenda.

How will the new ALDE Party Presidency set priorities? What new ways can European Liberals propose to counter the refugee crisis? How do we protect liberal values in the face of calls for increased surveillance and security measures? Continue reading

FNF Europe goes ALDE Party Congress

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The ALDE Party Congress is one of the central gatherings for Liberals from all over Europe and Europe’s neighborhood. Under the motto “For Freedom” this year’s Congress is taking place in Budapest from 19-21 November. Debates, meetings and the election of a new President are on the agenda.

We will have the honour of welcoming key liberals on a panel to discuss “An alternative for Hungary: the liberal way forward.” Among the speakers are Anne Brasseur (PACE) and our Hungarian partners Zoltán Kész and Zsuzsanna Szelényi.

Have a look at the Congress’ programme and follow us on Twitter to be part of it all!