Liberal Family Reunion in the Cradle of Democracy

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation at the ALDE Party Congress in Athens


“Δημοκρατία” Democracy – it is not without reason that ancient Athens is regarded as the cradle of popular rule. As the first great city with claims to power over the Mediterranean and one of the first great European metropolises, Athens was also the gathering place of the world’s first parliament and the Athenian People’s Assembly, which took place several times a month. Continue reading

European Liberals Gear Up for Election Campaign

Copyright: ALDE Party

Family get-togethers are usually an occasion for heartfelt reunions, swapping news, forging plans, and often welcoming new members. The gathering in Madrid, where more than a thousand European liberals met for the annual ALDE Congress, was no exception. Following stations in Warsaw and Amsterdam, this time the event was hosted by the Spanish Ciudadanos (Cs). The strategic groundwork was laid for the upcoming European election campaign. The fifty-page platform left no doubt that the ALDE family — a coalition with a membership of more than 60 parties — would be tackling an impressive workload over the course of its two-and-a-half-day Congress.

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A Liberal Breakfast on the Bulgarian Council Presidency

Copyright: FNF Europe

After the first month of the Bulgarian EU Council Presidency, ALDE Party and FNF’s European Dialogue Programme hosted their traditional liberal breakfast on the ongoing presidency in presence of the speakers Ilhan Kyuchyuk and Iskra Mihaylova, MEPs of the Bulgarian ALDE member “Movement for Rights and Freedoms”.

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„Digital pur“ in der EU

Jüri Ratas_EU2017EE
Estonian Prime Minister Jüri Ratas. Source:



Erst vor zwei Wochen wurde die EU Opfer eines großen Cyberangriffs – zumindest theoretisch. Denn beim Treffen der Verteidigungsminister in der estnischen Hauptstadt Tallin probten die Minister den Ernstfall und nahmen an einer Übung zur Abwehr eines großangelegten Cyber-Angriffs auf die EU teil, die erste Übung dieser Art. Kein Wunder, dass Estland, das digitale Wunderkind der EU, seine digitale Kompetenz auch zum Leitmotiv der rotierenden EU-Ratspräsidentschaft gemacht hat.

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