A matter of dignity? End-of-life legislation in Europe

Is it a liberal right to be able to decide for yourself when to end your life? Is it the duty of doctors to assist those who choose that enough is enough? What can be done to make the final stages of life better for those who see no other way out than death? At a discussion hosted by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, panelists and audience grappled with these and other questions surrounding end-of-life legislation. As European countries such as the UK, France and Germany struggle to refine their position on end-of-life legislation, countries such as Switzerland and Belgium offer a wealth of experience to draw from.
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Upcoming Event: “A matter of dignity? Risks and benefits of end-of-life legislation in Europe”

IMG_7517Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Venue:    Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Avenue de Cortenbergh 71, 1000 Brussels

About the event:
Making laws which determine when and how a life can end is a sensitive task requiring empathy and understanding. The discussion on euthanasia and assisted dying laws is unfortunately often marred by a lack of this very understanding. False terminology and wrongful assumptions find their way into the debate while the experience of countries with long-standing euthanasia and assisted suicide laws is discarded. Continue reading