Setting data protection higher on the liberal agenda

At the ALDE Party Congress in Lisbon, the Friedrich Naumann FNF fringe meeting lissabon 1114 (8)Foundation for Freedom organised a debate on the impact of digital technology on privacy and liberal proposals on data protection regulation. Gesine Meissner, MEP, opened her remarks by stating that “as liberals we want both, technological progress and high data protection standards”. Indeed, new technologies have not only created new potential for the economy and human interaction, they have also increased the scale of data collection in an unprecedented way. Revelations on mass-snooping of democratically elected governments on their citizens and nationals of other countries have set off mass outrage throughout the world. Governmental emphasis on control and security, especially since 9/11, has often happened at the expense of civil rights and personal freedom. However, as Markus Löning, Director of the Privacy Project, stated at the event “there is no compromise on fundamental rights”. Continue reading