Women in politics: How to design a successful female campaign


Greece has many talented women, who however have to give a battle against stereotypes before they actually “fight” an electoral campaign. It comes as no surprise that Greek women are underrepresented in politics, and what’s worse is that this is commonly accepted. The liberals favour a strategic approach to increase female participation and success in the elections, closing the gender gap between men and women. This was the idea behind the workshop “Women in Politics – How to Run a Successful Female Campaign” which took place from 28 to 30 September, in the vicinity of Athens.

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Upcoming Event: Transatlantic Dialogue Luncheon “The U.S. Presidential Campaign 2012: How Obama mobilized the grass-roots”

SaraThursday, 31 January 2013
Venue: Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, Ave de Cortenbergh 71, 1000 Brussels

The Obama Campaign 2012 was the largest grass-roots effort in the history of campaign management, according to Obama’s campaign manager Jim Messina. It was also the most technology-heavy campaign. The strategy, which achieved Obama’s re-election, mobilized record numbers of volunteers and used new innovate technologies. As the youngest female national director on the Obama campaign in 2012, Sara el-Amin oversaw training and campaign curriculum development for staff, volunteer leaders, volunteers, and the fellow/intern training programs in all 50 states. For the last three months of the race, she successfully ran Virginia’s “Get Out The Vote” operation. What were the most significant elements of the new campaign strategy? What distinguishes it from past election campaigns? Is Europe ready for US-style elections?

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