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Europe Fast Forward – And the winner is…

Gruppenfoto JuryWith the jury session, the second edition of our International Comics Competition Animate Europe came to a close. This year’s topic was “Europe Fast Forward”. Out of the 60 entrants from 23 countries our expert jury selected seven finalists who finished an eight-page comic story on the future of Europe.

Now the jury has come together to select the winning story and appoint a winner. Is it the poem on the survival of past injuries by Bue Bredsdorff, the vision of Europe for citizens by Domingo Pozanco, the love story in times of climate change by Eva Hilhorst, the vision of Europe as an amusement park by Jenny Robins, the tale of tolerance by Maran Hrachyan, the story of a split-up by Nicole Knötig or the Sci-Fi utopia by Sara Ferreira and Gisela Martins?

If you can’t wait to find out, join us for our award ceremony at the Belgian Comic Strip Center on 14 October 2015.

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“Europe Fast Forward” – Next stop: The full stories

bild finalisten60 submissions to this year’s edition of our comics competition Animate Europe reached us, coming from artists in 23 countries. On 30 March, our expert jury came together to select the seven finalists who will finish an eight-page comic on the future of Europe by end of August.

It was a tough call, but eventually the jury agreed on the following submissions:

  •  Europe 2065, a poem in comic form by Bue Bredsdorff (Denmark)
  •  Boundless, a story of a European Union in 2415 that has evolved beyond borders and nationalities by Sara Ferreira and Gisela Martins (Portugal)
  •  After the tempest, a vision of Europe inspired by William Shakespeare’s drama by Eva Hilhorst (Netherlands)
  •  Europe is a Human Being, an anecdote on overcoming prejudice by Maran Hrachyan (Armenia)
  •  The Union, a tale of an imminent break-up of the European Union by Nicole Knötig (Germany)
  •  Europe, imagine a future, a dream of a new social model for the European Union by Domingo Pozanco Torrejón (Spain) and
  • Europeland, a story of the evolution of European cultural heritage by Jenny Robins (Great Britain)

Keep an eye on our website or follow us on Facebook to be among the first to read the stories!

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Auf Deutsch:

“Europe Fast Forward” – Nächster Halt: Die ganzen Geschichten!

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“Europe Fast Forward” – 60 artists sent us their vision of the future of Europe

collageLast Sunday, the first phase of our international comics competition “Animate Europe” came to a close. 60 submissions have reached us and were forwarded to our expert jury. They will select the seven finalists who will be asked to finish an eight-page comic story on the future of Europe.

We are looking forward immensely to reading them!

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Europe Fast Forward – What does the future hold for us?

Europe and the comic art, a match made in heaven!

What better medium could there be to bring across a message without depending solely on language?

That’s what we thought when conceptualizing our international comics competition Animate Europe. You haven’t heard of it yet? Well, have a look:

You are a comics artist and have a vision for Europe? Do share it with us!

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“Europe Fast Forward” – What lies ahead for Europe?

blau_media-fast-forward (2)Last year, we initiated the International Comics Competition “Animate Europe” and received fascinating graphic short stories from artists all over the world.

Whether you’re looking at the winning story of Erasmus of Rotterdam discussing the EU’s present-day problems with a seal in the stomach of a whale, the parable of a family trying to build a pool in their garden or two students travelling to Ceuta to see Europe from across the Mediterranean, they  tell very different stories of Europe’s past and present, its opportunities and problems.

Today we start off our second edition with the title “Europe Fast Forward” and invite all comics artists, professionals or amateurs, to tell us how they see the future of Europe.

Please find all the details about the competition here.