Can Decentralization lead to Peace in Ukraine?


On 25 October the Ukrainians went to the polls to elect new regional and local representatives. Unfortunately not all segments of the country were free to elect new representatives, including the illegally occupied Crimea Peninsula. Critics of the elections were quick to point out shortcomings, but regardless of these shortcomings the elections were an important stepping-stone towards a new future for Ukraine. Continue reading

Ukraine between occupation and liberation: An eye-witness account

IMG_3026 (Kopie)The EuroMaidan Movement is already of historical significance because it changed the course of action of the Ukrainian state and made the change of power from ex-President Janukowytsch possible. Immediate consequences are mixed. While Russia has de facto annexed the Crimea and is engaging in destabilization operations, the good news is that the first round of Presidential elections will take place as planned on May 25th and the Special Committee of the Parliament on Constitutional Reform will present its first results on May 15th. Continue reading

The EU and US: Heirs to a Struggle for Freedom – shaping a joint future

IMG_2591How quickly the world turns, how quickly our priorities shift. A few weeks ago it seemed like the US-EU summit would be overshadowed by the dissonance the NSA affair has instilled in the transatlantic partnership. With the ghost of the Cold-War past materializing, clutching the Crimea in an icy grasp, chocking the aspirations for self-determination of many Ukrainians, the tone at the EU-US summit on 26 March was one of mutual reassurance. Dr. Stefanie Babst, Head of Strategic Analysis Capabilities, NATO; Peter Chase, Vice President Europe at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Thomas E. Reott, Economic Counselor at the U.S. Mission followed the invitation of the FNF Europe and the AJC Transatlantic Institute to discuss the outcomes of the EU-US Summit: perspectives on how the transatlantic partners should react to the crisis in the Crimea and an outlook on the next step in the TTIP negotiations. Continue reading