A bit of “Irish Luck”: Dick Roche on the Priorities of the Irish EU Presidency

IMG_8726“Ireland has tended to punch well above her weight in terms of presidency programs and delivery,” ALDE Vice President Dick Roche, Ireland’s former EU affairs minister optimistically opened the first Liberal Breakfast of the year. A comparative advantage for smaller states such as Ireland, he continued, is that “smaller member states, probably because they are smaller, tend to be less delusional about their centrality in European affairs and tend as a consequence to be better consensus builders.”

The top priority of the Irish presidency, which stands under the motto “stability, jobs and growth”, is to contribute to the stability of the Eurozone in this time of crisis. He conceded that this may be a very ambitious goal, but also that with a bit of Irish Luck,  “Ireland could introduce some useful insights” on the matter. Continue reading

Upcoming Event: Liberal Breakfast “Priorities of the Irish EU Presidency 2013: a liberal view”

Tuesday, 29 January 2013
Maison des Ailes, Rue Montoyer 1, 1000 Brussels

PIn the first half of 2013, Ireland holds the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Dublin has placed its agenda for the next six months under the motto “For Stability, Jobs and Growth” in order to highlight both the Irish emergence from the crisis and its determination to contribute to the stability of the Eurozone. It may already be a role model in austerity, selecting state-owned venues for the more than 180 EU meetings and advising dignitaries to take public transportation. Another objective for Ireland is to highlight the advantage Member States in the European Union draw from their interdependence and close cooperation. Will Dublin be able to discourage the UK from considering the “Brexit”? Can Ireland, burdened with a critical youth unemployment rate, achieve improvements in the financial and economic architecture of the EU?

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