FAQ – Mentors & Team Coordinators

Please note, that the hackathon will be taking place according to Central European Time (CET).

When will the hackathon take place ?

The hackathon will take place on Tuesday, 22 September. Please consult the agenda for the time slots that will be relevant for your role.

What is the agenda ?

You can find the agenda for the event here.

How is the online hackathon organised ?

The hackathon will include joint sessions and team sessions. For both session types, the main communication platform will be Zoom. Teams will deliver their pitches through the video presentation plattform Loom. There will be live-streamings, webinars, Q & A sessions and daily check-ins. For more information you will find the agenda here in due course.

Please preinstall both, Zoom and Loom software.

What are the challenges ?

Organisers have identified four challenges which are up for discussion during the online hackathon and for which new ideas and policy approches are developed. Each challenge will be tackled by a team of participants led by a team coordinator.

Challenge 1 :

What role and responsibilities for business ? What elements for a framework designed to support enterprises conributing to a prosperous Europe ?

Challenge 2 :

How to ensure that social market economy is closely linked to democracy, values, fundamental rights and freedoms ?

Challenge 3 :

What role for ECB and other European institutions and organisations in a refitted Economic and Monetary Union ?

Challenge 4 :

How to steer trade policy so that it mutually benefits eonomies and societies globally ?

What tasks for mentors ?

Each of the four challenges includes  one acknowledged, liberal minded expert in the relevant policy area, who acts as mentor. Mentors support the team with their expertise and experience during the process of developing new ideas and policy approaches for a social market economy in the 21st century.

Mentors hold a 10 minutes keynote at the beginning of the hackathon. Hence, they provide a thematic impulse to their respective team. Mentors follow their team’s discussion during the course of the hackathon. They actively engage and give feedback at specific times foreseen in the programme.

What tasks for team coordinators ?

Each of the four teams is led by a team coordinator, who serves as contact person to participants of his/her team. Team coordinators structure the debate and make sure that the discussion is goal oriented. They are responsible for time keeping. The Team coordinators may pitch the team’s ideas and policy approaches at the end of the hackathon. After the event, the coordinators produce  a policy brief, based on the team’s pitch.