A clean energy mix for Northern Africa

IMG_6218On the Southern shore of the Mediterranean, there is an abundance of solar power, but so far it is not efficiently exploited, on its Northern shore, most EU countries have been experimenting particularly in the past decade with various energy mixes to reduce their impact on climate change while securing the energy supply. A delegation of FNF partners from Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, all involved in the climate projects of the foundation in those countries, came to Brussels to study the European case and also learn from the mistakes that were made.

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The dream of Arab Unity has clashed with the realities of Arab divisiveness

VA - 2014-04-07 15.37.02 (Kopie)Turmoil and social unrest in the Arab world are entering their fourth year. Many of the issues that triggered the “Arabellion” remain unresolved, some even worsened and the region continues to be split by tensions between Sunni and Shia, secular liberals and islamists, and governments and civil society. Dr. Saleh Rusheidat, former Member of the Jordanian Senate and Beshir Abdel-Fatah, Editor-in-Chief at Al-Ahram Foundation took stock of the situation in the Arab world. Alar Olljum, Adivsor to the Managing Director for North Africa, Middle East, Arabian Peninsula, Iran & Iraq at the European External Action Service, completed the picture with the EU’s perspective. Continue reading

Upcoming event: “Europe and Democracy in the Arab World: A Liberal Dialogue”


Thursday, 13 February 2014, 12.00 – 14.00h

Three years after the initial uprisings, the Arab world has yet to come to rest. Celebrated initially as the “Arab Spring”, the people in that part of the world and observers in Europe prefer to use less favorable epithets today when referring to the evolving situation in our continent’s Southern neighborhood. While the Arabs are struggling on an uncertain path to a better future, Europe also seems undecided as to how to deal with developments in the Middle East and North Africa. And where in all this are the liberals? May we assume a liberal movement exists in the Arab world? How does Arab liberal thought relate to Western ideas and concepts? Are we in the end one liberal family? 

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