FNF Greece: County council members from Baden-Wuerttemberg pay a visit to Athens

noname(2)The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) in cooperation with the Greek-German Assembly (DGV) welcomed a delegation of FDP local council members from the county of Waldshut to Greece. They met young Greek politicians affiliated with the FNF who were successful in the recent municipal elections of May 2014. Among them was Apostolos Siokas, a graduate of the FNF Liberal Seminars, who is now elected Vice-Mayor of the City of Moschato-Tavros.

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FNF Greece: Involving the youth in the political process

DSC_0201As the elections for regions and municipalities in Greece on 18 & 25 May are approaching rapidly, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) invited young citizens from across the country to participate in a three day seminar about the strategic planning of an election campaign. The seminar’s goal was to train liberal-minded candidates on how to organize their campaigns the best way possible, how to bring across their message efficiently, and thus how to maximize the political impact of their candidateship.

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FNF Greece: A sign of hope for Athens

Vallianatos1Gregory Vallianatos, who presented his campaign yesterday, is the first liberal politician running for the office of Mayor of Athens. The 58 year-old journalist and human rights activist wants to break the dominance of the two traditional parties New Democracy and PASOK in the local elections in May 2014.

The native Athenian, who heads the list of “Athina Diamantopetra”, is also Greece’s first openly gay politician. In November 2013 he enforced before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) that the legal title of “registered partnership” in Greece must also be open to same-sex couples.

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