Italiens Populisten provozieren ganz Europa

Special Address by Giuseppe Conte, Prime Minister of Italy
Giuseppe Conte, Prime Minister of Italy. Copyright by World Economic Forum / Ciaran McCrickard. Source: Economic Forum CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0

Vergangene Woche zog Frankreich unter großer internationaler Aufmerksamkeit seinen Botschafter aus Rom ab. Der Streit zwischen den beiden Gründungsmitgliedern der Europäischen Union hält zwar schon länger an, erreichte nun aber eine neue Eskalationsstufe. Passend dazu nutzte der italienische Premierminister Conte seine gestrige Rede im Europaparlament zur Abrechnung mit der EU. Hundert Tage vor der Europawahl möchten sich Italiens Populisten auf Kosten der EU profilieren, und scheren sich dabei ebenso wenig um diplomatische Gepflogenheiten wie um gemeinsame europäische Werte.

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Upcoming event: The European elections in Hungary and the EU


European politics has been increasingly influenced by leaders promoting anti-European messages. Hungary, as the prime example of such rhetoric, is on the brink of slowly eroding its democracy. Prime Minister Orbán and his government are destructing the rule of law, dismantling constitutional checks and balances, buying up or closing down free media and threatening academic freedom. The liberty and freedom of not only Hungarians is at stake, but other Member States and the progress of European integration is as well.

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The small Orwellian world of Hungary 

Orban EPP (2).jpg
Source: People’s Party_CC BY 2.0

While the media is focused on the Kremlin’s “hybrid warfare” against the Western democracies or the Chinese social credit system controlling people’s everyday life through mass-surveillance, the illiberal state of Viktor Orbán is also doing its fair share to exercise information control over its citizens, the opposition and the few independent media and NGOs left in Hungary via new digital powers.

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