Upcoming Event: Liberal Breakfast on the Spanish Elections

A joint event series of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and ALDE Party


After government only formed in a second election attempt in 2016, Spanish citizens will now cast their vote in a snap election on April 28. Less than one month later, Spaniards will have to vote again for their local, regional and European representatives on May 26.

Campaigning ahead of the Spanish parliamentary elections on 28 April has brought to the fore the many, primarily domestic, challenges that the country faces. Those range from imminent economic issues, such as a new budget, unemployment and public debts, to the political discourse on Catalonia. They also include long-term developments, such as questions on demography and ageing population, as well as immigration. These hot topics will be decisive among Spanish voters in the upcoming elections.

As none of the Spanish parties is expected to win a large majority, they will have to forge alliances in an increasingly fragmented political landscape. Founded in 2005, the Spanish liberal party Ciudadanos currently represents the strongest liberal force in Southern Europe. Which reforms do they propose for the upcoming years? Which political partners are they ready to work with? Where do Spanish liberals stand between the several elections?
Our next liberal breakfast aims to shed light on these and many other questions, so join us for a discussion with our distinguished speakers!


Tuesday, 30 April

Registration & Light Breakfast: 8:15h

Event: 8:30 – 9:30h


VenueALDE Party HQ,

              Rue d’Idalie 11, 1050 Brussels


Kindly register for this event by 29 April 2019 at http://tinyurl.com/SpanishLiberalBreakfast *



José Ramón Bauzá Díaz
Independent candidate for Ciudadanos (Spain) at the European elections


*Please note that you will be forwarded to a Google Drive sheet. Should you wish to register with us directly, please send an email to register.brussels@fnst.org.

Upcoming Event: Award Ceremony – Animate Europe International Comic Competition 


The overwhelming success of our “Animate Europe” competition proves that artists have fascinating visions to share. In form of comic books, exhibitions and via the world wide web, our comics travel through Europe and overseas. They spark discussions and inspire people to get involved with Europe. In 2019, we launched a fourth “Animate Europe” competition round to get to know even more exciting stories.

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Italiens Populisten provozieren ganz Europa

Special Address by Giuseppe Conte, Prime Minister of Italy
Giuseppe Conte, Prime Minister of Italy. Copyright by World Economic Forum / Ciaran McCrickard. Source: flickr.com/World Economic Forum CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0

Vergangene Woche zog Frankreich unter großer internationaler Aufmerksamkeit seinen Botschafter aus Rom ab. Der Streit zwischen den beiden Gründungsmitgliedern der Europäischen Union hält zwar schon länger an, erreichte nun aber eine neue Eskalationsstufe. Passend dazu nutzte der italienische Premierminister Conte seine gestrige Rede im Europaparlament zur Abrechnung mit der EU. Hundert Tage vor der Europawahl möchten sich Italiens Populisten auf Kosten der EU profilieren, und scheren sich dabei ebenso wenig um diplomatische Gepflogenheiten wie um gemeinsame europäische Werte.

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The European elections in Hungary and the EU


European politics has been increasingly influenced by leaders promoting anti-European messages. Hungary, as the prime example of such rhetoric, is on the brink of slowly eroding its democracy. Prime Minister Orbán and his government are destructing the rule of law, dismantling constitutional checks and balances, buying up or closing down free media and threatening academic freedom. The liberty and freedom of not only Hungarians is at stake, but other Member States and the progress of European integration is as well.

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