Just as Important as Tanks and Submarines: Promoting Diversity in the German Armed Forces

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In its new action plan for the implementation of the agenda “Women, Peace and Security”, the German government should set a target of 50% women in the medical service and 15% in all other branches of the Bundeswehr as well as announce diversity commissioners for the armed forces. This is not about image cultivation, but about ensuring the operational readiness of the German Bundeswehr. Continue reading

We are in the Army now

Protest Trans Military Ban, White House, Washington, DC USA
Source: flickr.com/Ted_Eytan_CC BY-SA 2.0

Im U.S.-Militär dürfen zukünftig keine Transsoldaten mehr dienen – so will es Präsident Trump. Doch wie sieht es in den europäischen Streitkräften aus? Die Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit fragte Rebekka Haffner, die politische Referentin der europäischen Organisation der Militärverbände (EUROMIL).

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