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Already in the previous editions of our international comic competition “Animate Europe” in 2013, 2015 and 2017, we asked comic artists and graphic novelists from all over the world to share with us their ideas about Europe. Its overwhelming success is a clear sign that artists have fascinating visions to share: comic books, exhibitions and via the world wide web. Our comics travelled through Europe and overseas, they sparked discussions and inspired people to get involved with Europe.

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Animate Europe 2019 “Europe+” is officially launched!

Animate Logo 2019 Europe +

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What does the imminent Brexit, the ban on halogen lightbulbs, the difficulties to distribute refugees and the German emissions scandal have in common? They don’t exactly spark enthusiasm for the European Union.

But we absolutely want to spark enthusiasm – and boost the discussion on the European Union. Because a unified Europe is important to us. Because we believe in the potential of the European Union. Because exchange with other people is essential even – or even more so – when you disagree.

And we are also interested in your opinion, your story. Are you a comics artist and would you like to tell us what you perceive to be the added value of the European Union? What you like about the EU? Then register for our international comics competition Animate Europe, this year with the topic “Europe +” – Added value of the European Union.

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Re-Animate Europe goes Greece. Comic exhibition shown in Chania (Crete) and Oropos (Attica)!

Animate Europe Exhibition in Chania, Crete

For the first time, FNF’s international comic exhibition Re-Animate Europe travelled to Greece, a country that for many is synonymous with the cradle of democracy and philosophy. Hit by a severe economic crisis, Greece is the right place to debate Europe and get a genuine feedback of what the people believe. Less than a year before the European elections, there is a twofold purpose: share a new vision for Europe, as depicted by the comic artists, and acquaint the citizens with some of the common challenges the next European Parliament will have to deal with. Continue reading