ALDE Party President Hans van Baalen on Security & Defence

In a joint series with the European Liberal Forum, FNF Europe has gathered liberal voices on the topic of European Security and Defence. This time President of the ALDE Party and MEP Hans van Baalen has given us an exclusive outlook on challenges and developments to watch out for in 2017.

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Dahrendorf Taskforce Publication Series

Cover Igor

Many anti-Europeans and Eurosceptics warn that national parliaments are losing influence in the EU’s decision-making process. They fear that member states might lose their sovereignty and ability to govern themselves. The Treaty of Lisbon was an attempt to strengthen the influence member states have. Continue reading

Dahrendorf Taskforce Publication Series

Cover Bacovsky

Over the last few months political parties demanding their country to exit the European Union or decreasing the Union’s influence on their people have gained a lot of popularity among European citizens. An argument most of them have in common is that the EU fails to represent its people’s opinions, that it is undemocratic. Continue reading

Ralf Dahrendorf Taskforce Publication Series

Cover Csaba PaperPossible future candidates of the European Union need to fulfill the Copenhagen criteria, giving guidelines for the country’s political, economic and legislative sectors . But once a country has successfully gone through the process and has become a full member of the EU, there are very few mechanisms in place that take effect when a member state committs a breach of fundamental rights. Continue reading

Second workshop of the Dahrendorf Taskforce on the Future of Europe

IMG_20141119_101206From 18-20 November, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and the European Liberal Forum organised the second gathering of the Ralf Dahrendorf Taskforce on the Future of Europe. The workshop brought together 28 participants from across Europe, many of whom had also participated in the first workshop in early June. Philippe Legrain, former economic adviser to Commission President Barroso, gave some food for thought at the beginning of the event. His recommendations on the reform of the EU triggered fruitful discussions in each working group.

The Dahrendorf Taskforce is a one and a half year project running a series of workshops throughout 2014 and 2015. It provides a platform for ELF member organisations to discuss liberal proposals for the reform of the EU institutions and the future of the European integration process. Continue reading

Entrepreneurship: unleashing France’s potential

IMG_2973France remains a major economic player. It ranks 5th worldwide in terms of GDP per capita and is in 4th position in attracting Foreign Direct Investments (FDI). However, preoccupation about the future of France is growing in Paris and Brussels. Indeed, job creation is stagnating, unemployment rising and entrepreneurs encounter heavy burdens hampering their efforts to do business and thus contribute to economic growth.

France’s entrepreneurial potential and the necessary measures to support it, were the topics of a conference organized by the European Liberal Forum, Alternative Libérale and the Friedrich Naumann Stiftung’s Brussels office on 6 April in Paris. The event took place at the Société d’encouragement pour l’industrie nationale, a private association created in 1801, counting numerous famous members such as the Montgolfier brothers, Louis Lumière, Gustave Eiffel and Louis Pasteur. It is the place where the Lumière brothers presented their “cinématographe” for the first time to a room full of interested investors. Léon Gaumont, the father of cinematography, was sitting in that room on that crucial day.

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