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Liberty Review No. 8 - Kopie - Kopie

The eighth issue of Review focuses on personal freedoms and discusses the topic from various perspectives, including: freedom of the press, paternalism, social media, religious freedom, among others. The point of view is, as always, Central and Eastern European. has managed to gather a number of various, highly captivating contributions, which they trust would assist the Reader in navigating the truly challenging reality of personal freedoms in the region at present.

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FNF Greece: Free Media? – Giving oppressed journalists a voice

Freedom of the Press is the “sine qua non” of democracy. Transparency and a diverse media landscape are prerequisites for a country’s EU perspective, and only a pluralism of opinion and tolerance towards opposing views can ultimately provide an open and free society. Unfortunately over the last years we have witnessed a more restrictive – and in some cases even authoritarian – turn in some countries with EU membership aspirations, especially in the Balkans and Turkey. Continue reading

The unholy relationship between politics and media owners in Turkey – the collapse of media credibility

Alexander Graf Lambsdorff MEP and Yavuz Bayder
Alexander Graf Lambsdorff MEP and Yavuz Bayder

Yavuz Baydar had been independent news ombudsman for Turkish Sabah daily for almost 10 years when he was sacked for criticizing the lack of coverage and the Turkish government’s violent reaction to the protests held at Gezi Park in July 2013.  Continue reading

First European Launch of the Freedom of the Press Report 2013

Karin Karlekar of Freedom House presented the findings of the 2013 Freedom of the Press Report
Karin Karlekar of Freedom House presented the findings of the 2013 Freedom of the Press Report

The past year has brought a new set of opportunities and challenges to the media landscape around the world. Where are the global trends in press freedom headed? Which countries have experienced progress or setbacks? Has political change in the Middle East improved conditions for independent media?

To discuss these questions, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom invited the experts of Freedom House to present their latest findings of the Freedom of the Press report 2013 to the Brussels audience.

The Freedom of the Press report measures the environment journalists operate within as well as access to news and information. It contains the most comprehensive data set available on global media freedom from 1980 to the present. Continue reading