Liberal Breakfast – The French Elections 2017: The Morning After

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Centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron won the second round of the French presidential election against Front National’s Marine Le Pen with 66.1% of the votes. The political differences of the two candidates couldn’t be more distinct. On the one hand Macron, who originates from the liberal left and seeks more European integration to resolve the current issues of both France and the European Union. On the other hand Le Pen, a right-wing and Euro-sceptic politician that wants to dismantle the European project and establish protectionist policies in the French Republic. Where Macron and his political movement stand and whether they can unite the French people again was thus up for debate at the Liberal Breakfast the Monday morning after the presidential election at the ALDE Party Headquarters in Brussels.

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The French presidential candidates and their foreign policy vision


With the final round of the presidential elections approaching, FNF Europe asked Katja Borck from the ‘Institut français des relations internationales’ (IFRI) on how foreign policy has played a role in the election campaign.

Looking at the two remaining candidates, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, voters will have to choose between candidates with two opposing visions on Europe. How could this impact the future with regards to the EU and in particular the Franco-German relations? 

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Allez, les candidats ! State of play and main contenders in the French presidential elections

Paris skyline

The French Socialists have voted for Benoit Hamon, former Minister of Education, to enter the presidential elections on the socialist ticket. With a number of strong candidates already in the race, Hamon’s chances to succeed President François Hollande are slim. Guillaume Périgois, Publishing Director of the liberal news platform Contrepoints, takes a closer look at the candidates’ profiles.

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