Added Value EU

Gruppenfoto EP

Sixteen young Europeans, FNF scholarship holders and partners, came to Brussels from the 9th till 12th of July at the invitation of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom to talk about the “Added value of the EU”. They discussed today’s most topical issues, such as Brexit, Trade war with Trump and populism. This third edition of the Europaforum hosted participants from Afghanistan, Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iran, Poland and the UK.

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Kampf gegen Lebensmittelverschwendung – eine Frage der Ethik und Effizienz

IMG_572911 Millionen Tonnen Nahrungsmittel werden in Deutschland jährlich verschwendet, davon 40% in Industrie, Handel und Gastronomie, und 60% in den Haushalten. Durchschnittlich bedeutet dies eine jährliche Lebensmittelverschwendung von über 80 kg pro Bürger. Die Verschwendung von Lebensmitteln stellt ein ethisches, wirtschaftliches und soziales Problem dar mit enormen Auswirkungen auf die Umwelt. Continue reading

Spanish liberals meet at the Friedrich Naumann Foundation’s office

IMG_0446On 15 of October, members and friends of the Spanish liberal party Centro Democrático Liberal (CDL), who live and work in Brussels, conveyed in FNF’s Brussels office to discuss the result of the German elections and their impact on European and Spanish politics.
Gesine Meißner, Member of the European Parliament for the FDP and Dr. Wolf-Dieter Zumpfort, deputy chairman of the Naumann Foundation, gave their insight into the reasons that lead to such a poor result for the FDP and the current negotiation process to form a coalition.

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