Are we really losing a generation?

IMG_6093Raising youth unemployment rates have set off alarms across a number of EU member states. The average unemployment rate of youth in the EU has reached 23% and in some member states close to 60% of all young people looking for a job can’t find one. Newspapers across the continent are speaking of the lost generation.

What measures have been taken at national and EU level to tackle the roots and alleviate the symptoms of that major challenge? To discuss concrete policies and propose innovative solutions to this issue, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in collaboration with the ALDE Party invited European stakeholders and policy makers to an informal debate.

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Upcoming Event: Liberal Breakfast “Launching the ALDE Gender Equality Network: Promoting gender equality in political life and beyond”

Wednesday, 6 March 2013img_8524

In 1999 the Finnish delegates to the ELDR Council launched the idea of establishing a network of European Liberal Women to promote equal opportunities. At the ALDE Party Congress in Dublin in November 2012, the network was renamed and launched as the “ALDE Gender Equality Network” to reflect the wider issue of gender equality.  “ALDE-GEN” campaigns for gender equality and the promotion of women´s rights to ensure full participation as equal partners in economic, social and political life. The speakers will elaborate how more women can be included in politics on all levels and how to strengthen the relationships and sharing of information between liberals across Europe. The panel will be followed by a Q&A session.

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We have come a long way – On the development of freedom and democracy in Southeast and East Asia

Dr Rainer Adam, Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom’s Regional Director for Southeast and East Asia, presented the findings of the Third Annual Freedom Barometer Asia in Brussels. Sir Graham Watson MEP, President of the ELDR and Chairman of the European Parliament Delegation to India, opened the presentation of the Freedom Barometer Asia 2011 reminding the audience of the importance of a democratic Asia in light of its growing relevance as a player in the world economy.

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