If not you then who – if not now then when!

What role can individuals play in European politics? Do we have a say and how can we participate in policy making on the European10714510_371832086275333_3666870026430870752_o level?

30 individual members of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) Party and of the European Youth – LYMEC, from over 20 member states, gathered in Brussels on 9-11 October to learn how to get involved in European politics and make their voices heard. The programme included political meetings with the President of the ALDE Party, Sir Graham Watson, and Austrian MEP Angelika Mlinar. The accent however lied on training individual members in communication, social media, campaigning and other important political skills. The aim was to give these committed individuals the instruments to influence policy making at the European level and actively participate in liberal political organisations both in their home country as well as in Europe.

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