The dream of Arab Unity has clashed with the realities of Arab divisiveness

VA - 2014-04-07 15.37.02 (Kopie)Turmoil and social unrest in the Arab world are entering their fourth year. Many of the issues that triggered the “Arabellion” remain unresolved, some even worsened and the region continues to be split by tensions between Sunni and Shia, secular liberals and islamists, and governments and civil society. Dr. Saleh Rusheidat, former Member of the Jordanian Senate and Beshir Abdel-Fatah, Editor-in-Chief at Al-Ahram Foundation took stock of the situation in the Arab world. Alar Olljum, Adivsor to the Managing Director for North Africa, Middle East, Arabian Peninsula, Iran & Iraq at the European External Action Service, completed the picture with the EU’s perspective. Continue reading