FNF Greece: Honouring Greek Liberalism through the “Prometheus Awards”

The liberal award ceremony of “Prometheus 2017” – the first awards for freedom in Greece – were established in 2017 by KEFiM-Markos Dragoumis. The event took place in mid-December in Athens in the presence of more than a hundred prominent guests. Well-known actor George Angelopoulos hosted the evening.

38196580984_080105ac1c_oThe “Lifetime Achievement Award” was presented by Alexandros Skouras, President of KEFiM, to American libertarian Tom G. Palmer. Palmer acts as Vice-President of the Atlas Network and has been a longtime supporter of Greek liberalism. The “Journalist of the Year Award” was awarded to Kostas Stoupas, while Greek cartoonist Arkas was named “Artist of the Year”. Publisher Vangelis Trikeriotis received the accolade on behalf of the well-known but reclusive caricaturist. Lastly, KEFiM’s Executive Director Nikos Rompapas announced the winner in the category “Entrepreneur of the Year”. Nikos Drandakis, founder of the Greek mobile app Taxibeat, received the honors. Continue reading

FNF Greece: The Greek government is running out of time, again

by Nicos Rompapas, Executive Director KEFIM-Markos Dragoumis

Negotiations between the Greek government and its creditors remain in a stalemate, but time is running out. For months members of the government have been stating that Greece has fulfilled its commitments for the second compliance review of reforms and economic progress and that just a few issues remain open. But last week Bloomberg published a leaked letter signed by the Greek Minister of Finance Euclid Tsakalotos stating that just a third of the required measures have been passed, another third is in the process of being passed and the last and most challenging third is still under discussion. Continue reading

FNF Greece: Embracing liberalism as a part of the Greek soul

img_3271klThe Romans used to say that Greek texts, written in a very difficult language, could not be read. However, it were the Greeks whose political thought became the foundation of what we call today “Western Civilization”. Great Greek philosophers invented the notion of citizenship, the democratic system and justice according to the rule of law. The essence of Greek liberal thought was very recently incorporated in the “Little Storybook of Greek Liberalism”, and published – in Greek – by KEFIM-Markos Dragoumis and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom. The book includes 15 texts from the notorious works of ancient, Byzantine and Modern Greek thinkers. Continue reading

FNF Greece: New Publication about “Enclaves of Freedom and Development”

A study group consisting of students and recent graduates of the Athens Law School developed the concept of establishing Special Economic Zones which could counter the omnipresent red-tape in Greece. According to this proposal, these zones would be governed by alternative economic policies, with less regulation,and would promote investment in Greece.

The institutional framework of the Special Economic Zone and its administration would be compatible with the Greek constitution, and would feature assurance and guarantees that the government will not reverse the changes established inside the zone.

You can order your printed copy of “Enclaves of Freedom and Development” by sending us an email, or download the PDF version here:

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Enclaves of Freedom and Development                         Νησίδες Ελευθερίας και Ανάπτυξης
English Version (.pdf file)                                                                    Greek version (.pdf file)

Wachstum für Griechenland – Vom Mentalitäts- zum Strukturwandel

Unter Teilnahme hochrangiger Gäste hat der stellvertretende Vorsitzende der Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit, Karl-Heinz Paqué, am Montag in Athen eine Reformagenda für mehr Wachstum in Griechenland vorgestellt.

FPG_9645Das Wachstumspapier wurde von dem an der Magdeburger Otto-von-Guericke-Universität lehrenden Paqué gemeinsam mit dem griechischen Ökonomen Aristos Doxiadis entwickelt und benennt die zehn wichtigsten ökonomischen Stellschrauben für mehr Wirtschaftswachstum in dem krisengeschüttelten EU-Mitgliedstaat. Zudem verlangt es von griechischen Meinungsbildnern und Entscheidungsträgern, eine neue Geisteshaltung zu verinnerlichen und vorzuleben, damit notwendige Reformen mittelfristig auch von der griechischen Bevölkerung mitgetragen werden.

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23 November: Growth for Greece – The Greek Recovery Summit

— English version below —

Ανάπτυξη για την Ελλάδα – Συνδιάσκεψη για την ανόρθωση της οικονομίας

Δευτέρα, 23 Noεμβρίου 2015
18.00-21.00 (ακολουθεί δεξίωση)
Τοποθεσία: Θέατρο Αθηνών, Βουκουρεστίου 10, 105 64, Σύνταγμα

Kindly register by 22 November 2015 at www.GreekRecovery.gr Continue reading