Upcoming Event: “Promoting Sustainability through Free Trade – Deliberations on the future Association Agreement European Union and Mercosur”

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Wednesday, 14 May 2014
12.30 – 14.00 h

After years of discussions it seems that the time has come for a bi-regionalAssociation Agreement between the European Union (EU) and Mercosur. To the surprise of many, Mercosur has finalized a joint list of commercial offers for the EU, including the complete elimination of import tariffs for 87% of all products bought from the European bloc. And there will be no different speeds under which tariff reductions will enter into effect. Both regions are on track to exchange market access offers in the foreseeable future. Brazilian and European private sectors support this agreement which will boost trade and investments between the two regions.

Recognizing the link between free trade and sustainable development, the inclusion of environmental issues in the trade negotiation agenda is essential.

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Upcoming event: Free trade across the Atlantic – Reality and expectations

free-trade-benefits-and-disadvantagesHow will free trade with Europe develop in emerging powers like Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Peru? Experts from Latin America will expose the perspectives and the potential of their countries for strengthening economic relations with the EU. In fact, Latin American countries have adopted different positions vis-à-vis free trade in the past years. Mexico and Peru have successfully transformed their economies to open, market-based ones. By contrast, Argentina and Brazil are pursuing political strategies which isolate them from the world economy. Indeed, increasing prices in Brazil have prevented its industrial sector from being competitive at the international level. Brazil´s answer was protecting its firms from the exterior. Nevertheless, the positive development of more dynamic Latin American economies has encouraged Brazil to restart EU trade talks. Mexico and Peru have already signed free trade agreements with the EU. Which are the perspectives of transatlantic trade? What do the involved countries expect from opening up their markets? These and more questions will be discussed with international experts.

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Upcoming event: “Energy policy and energy security in Latin America – Tapping the full potential of cooperation with Europe?”

windturbinenWednesday, 19 June 2013

Latin America is a key partner of the EU for reaching its energy and climate policy targets. Six of the countries with the greatest biodiversity on earth are located in Latin America which holds half of the world’s tropical forests and has the highest average water availability worldwide. In 2050 Latin America will be the biggest agricultural producer of the world.

Even though Latin America has vast energy resources, the continent’s high economic dynamics lead to growing energy demands which require a further development of renewables. Therefore Latin American countries are currently redefining their energy mix in order to achieve sustainable development schemes that allow economic development while protecting the environment. The cooperation among countries of Latin America, the USA and Canada to link power grids and fuel supply lines as well as the harmonization of policies and regulations are therefore essential. Cooperation with the European Union in research and specific bilateral development programs is relevant and on the way.

Environmental experts from Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil and Argentina will analyze energy policies of their countries and regions, focusing on energetic sovereignty, the role of the private enterprise and smart regulation within the sector.

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