Culture War in Poland: PiS fights for “LGBT+-Free Zones”

In Poland, the Church and the State are working together to create a hostile environment for the LGBT+ community.


Anyone who openly defines as gay, lesbian, bi- or transsexual, or rejects sexual or gender norms for other reasons (LGBT+) in 2019 Poland, needs some serious mental and sometimes even physical strength. Both the Catholic Church and the Polish state are working together to create a hostile environment for the community. The political campaign against the LGBT+ community is not only reminiscent of propaganda against migrants, but could also inspire right-wing radical forces in other European countries. 

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FNF Greece: “For diversity, against violence!”

IMG_0023aThe Federal Ministry for Health, the Ministry of Family Affairs, the Federal Center for Health Education, the Anti-Discrimination Agency, the State Ministry of Health, Equalities, Care and Ageing … in one way or another, all those ministries and subordinate agencies support LGBT issues in Germany. Gays and lesbians from Greece are not that lucky. Matter of fact, there is not a single Greek authority accepting competence for the LGBT community. Public funding for LGBT projects is thus rare, if not non-existent.

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LGBT rights – the long road towards equality!

In the EU, LGBT issues are being discussed more and more with great improvements in many member states. A recent examIMG_3428ple is Luxembourg, where a law enabling same-sex   marriage and adoption was passed some days ago. Even if we welcome these progresses, a lot of work remains to be done in Europe in favour of LGBT rights. Indeed, in many member states LGBT rights are not on the agenda. Many politicians do not care about the issue, as they do not consider them as relevant for their voters: no action is undertaken neither in favour nor against the LGBT community. For example, in Greece there is no ministry or public office in charge of anti-discrimination against the LGBT community, reported Gregory Vallianatos (Lesbian and Gay Community of Greece, OLKE). Continue reading