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Veto on EU Financial Package: EU Core Values Deserve Clear Message

Last Monday, Hungary and Poland blocked the EU’s historic financial package of 1.82 trillion euros. The right-wing nationalist governments of the two countries want to prevent the rule of law compliance conditionality in the distribution of EU funds. Meanwhile, the recently declared “State of Danger” in Hungary is being used by the government to amend the constitution again under the pretext of the Corona pandemic and to govern by decree. The new draft laws restrict the rights of LGBTI persons, undermine the transparency of expenditure of state funds and reduce the influence of opposition parties in the next parliamentary elections.

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Call for Authors: Challenges of Modern Sexual Education in Europe

FNF Europe and Projekt: Polska are looking for authors, to contribute to a short publication on the importance of sexual education in modern society and how populists use sexual education in their political agenda.

Working title: “From Education Ban to LGBT-Free Zones. Challenges of modern sexual education in Europe”.

This publication is a part of the project “Building a European network of minority rights activists, sexual education experts and (regional, national and European) policy-makers to protect LGBTI rights”, developed by Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and Projekt: Polska.

Fee: 450 euro per article (gross amount)

Deadline for nominations of potential authors: October 25th.

Deadline for submissions: November 15th.

Contact Milosz Hodun here.

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Culture War in Poland: PiS fights for “LGBT+-Free Zones”

In Poland, the Church and the State are working together to create a hostile environment for the LGBT+ community.


Anyone who openly defines as gay, lesbian, bi- or transsexual, or rejects sexual or gender norms for other reasons (LGBT+) in 2019 Poland, needs some serious mental and sometimes even physical strength. Both the Catholic Church and the Polish state are working together to create a hostile environment for the community. The political campaign against the LGBT+ community is not only reminiscent of propaganda against migrants, but could also inspire right-wing radical forces in other European countries.