Wind of Change Across Belgium’s Four Seasons

The Liberals in Belgium have succeeded once again: after Charles Michel and the Acting Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès, Alexander De Croo – this time a Dutch-speaking Liberal – will lead the new Belgian government . About 500 days after the elections, Belgium once again has a proper government consisting of seven parties and bearing the beautiful name “Vivaldi Coalition”.

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Liberal Family Reunion in the Cradle of Democracy

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation at the ALDE Party Congress in Athens


“Δημοκρατία” Democracy – it is not without reason that ancient Athens is regarded as the cradle of popular rule. As the first great city with claims to power over the Mediterranean and one of the first great European metropolises, Athens was also the gathering place of the world’s first parliament and the Athenian People’s Assembly, which took place several times a month. Continue reading

The Future of the European Union: A liberal view from Germany

Copyright: Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

More than five months after the federal elections, Germany has finally been able to form a government. This means that not only domestic politics can go ahead, but decisions and reforms on the European level can be addressed as well. How are the challenges ahead perceived in Berlin, and what are the different views on Europe prevailing in German politics?

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