Lithuania Remains Stable and Liberal – Parliamentary Elections Place Liberal Forces in Government

Will there be a centre-right government or not? Will the liberal forces manage to participate in government? The second round of the parliamentary elections in Lithuania has certainly clarified these questions. The previous government, consisting of the “Farmers and Greens Union” and social democratic forces, has been voted out of office. The new government will certainly bear a liberal signature.

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Liberal Parties in Lithuania Enter Second Round of Parliamentary Elections on a Strong Note

The most important results of the first round of Lithuania’s parliamentary elections on 11 October in the spotlight: The conservative Homeland Union, which had previously been in the opposition, celebrated victory. However, the current governing Farmers and Greens Union immediately pointed out that in the second round, which will take place on 25 October, the voters could still turn the result in their favour. The newly formed Liberal Freedom Party, which campaigned for LGBT rights, education policies and legalisation of cannabis, was the biggest surprise of the first round, winning 8 seats. The Liberal Movement, Lithuania’s established liberal party, also made it into parliament. Possible governmental constellations are already clearly emerging.

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Opposition Conservatives, Liberals Edge Toward Win in Lithuania’s General Election

Article originally posted on, by Aneta Vaine and LFMI

Lithuania voted in the general national election on October 11. The opposition conservative party Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats secured victory in the first round of the general vote, claiming 25% of the votes and 23 seats in the country’s 141-seat parliament.

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