Liberal Family Reunion in the Cradle of Democracy

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation at the ALDE Party Congress in Athens


“Δημοκρατία” Democracy – it is not without reason that ancient Athens is regarded as the cradle of popular rule. As the first great city with claims to power over the Mediterranean and one of the first great European metropolises, Athens was also the gathering place of the world’s first parliament and the Athenian People’s Assembly, which took place several times a month. Continue reading

FNF Greece: Young Liberals become LYMEC member

IMG_1926A further step towards a more structured and integrated liberal movement in Greece was taken thanks to the accession of the Young Liberals of Greece to the European Liberal Youth (LYMEC). Since LYMEC’s spring congress, which recently took place in the city of Stockholm, the youth organisation which represents liberal and progressive young Greeks is now an associate member of the official youth wing of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) Party. Continue reading

Dahrendorf Taskforce Publication Series

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Many anti-Europeans and Eurosceptics warn that national parliaments are losing influence in the EU’s decision-making process. They fear that member states might lose their sovereignty and ability to govern themselves. The Treaty of Lisbon was an attempt to strengthen the influence member states have. Continue reading

If not you then who – if not now then when!

What role can individuals play in European politics? Do we have a say and how can we participate in policy making on the European10714510_371832086275333_3666870026430870752_o level?

30 individual members of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) Party and of the European Youth – LYMEC, from over 20 member states, gathered in Brussels on 9-11 October to learn how to get involved in European politics and make their voices heard. The programme included political meetings with the President of the ALDE Party, Sir Graham Watson, and Austrian MEP Angelika Mlinar. The accent however lied on training individual members in communication, social media, campaigning and other important political skills. The aim was to give these committed individuals the instruments to influence policy making at the European level and actively participate in liberal political organisations both in their home country as well as in Europe.

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FNF Greece: “1st Liberal Youth Convention” in Thessaloniki a great success

IMG_9382_bearbLast weekend, from 26-28 September, young liberal-minded youth from all over Greece publicly convened in the City Hall of Thessaloniki, the European Youth Capital 2014, to debate and propose reform projects for Greece in a united Europe. They were joined by twenty young politicians from all over Europe who met in Thessaloniki for a leader’s meeting of the European Liberal Youth (LYMEC).

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Shaping a liberal narrative for the European elections

IMG_0412Last week the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom hosted trainings on campaigning strategies for the European elections of 2014. The trainings, which were organized by the ALDE Party, the European Liberal Forum, D66 and the European liberal youth LYMEC, aimed at training young party members and campaigners from all over Europe to shape an attractive message and use innovative tools.

In times of great criticism towards the European project and a sharp rise of xenophobe and anti-european parties in the polls, liberal parties struggle to frame an attractive message for the European elections. The trainings supported them in shaping a comprehensive, but at the same time positive message for the campaign. Furthermore, it gave them innovative tools on how to use social and digital media in the campaign.


Julie Cantalou