TTIP – neither Armageddon nor World Peace

20150528-1663-veldemanphotoJust minutes after the vote on the TTIP resolution in the International Trade Committee of the European Parliament had taken place, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation together with the Transatlantic Institute of the American Jewish Committee held a debate on the impact of TTIP on our everyday lives.

Most of what the European Commission has been doing in the past months is to make the process more transparent and to demystify the negotiations. However, the narrative both in the pro-TTIP, as well as the anti-TTIP camp is still very much general or the arguments are so technical no one understands them. Continue reading

Upcoming Event: “Beyond Buzzwords: How will TTIP affect our everyday lives?”

TTIP_1_web The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and the AJC Transatlantic Institute cordially invite you to their next Transatlantic Dialogue Luncheon:

“Beyond Buzzwords: How will TTIP affect our everyday lives?”

Thursday, 28 May

Venue: Renaissance Hotel, Rue du Parnasse 19, 1050 Brussels

About the event
Discussions on TTIP have focused on highly specialized issues or revolved around very broad topics such as the setting of global standards for trade. Yet, TTIP will likely affect many different aspects of our everyday life: what kind of medicine we take, which cosmetics we use, and how much we shop online in stores across the Atlantic. All this will also influence business opportunities and change the reality of business owners. Not everyone will be a winner, and prognoses foresee that some groups and some countries will gain more than others should an agreement be reached. Continue reading

Not just another trade negotiation – on the strategic importance of TTIP

Fotocollage TTIPPoliticians and the media might have been too optimistic in 2013 when claiming that a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) should be done “on one tank of gas” (US-Vice President Joe Biden). After 18 months and numerous rounds of negotiations, it has become obvious that concerns about the agreement have grown. The “Stop TTIP coalition” collected more than 1 million signatures calling for a European Citizens Initiative to withdraw the TTIP mandate. In view of the increasing criticism from across the political spectrum, the European Commission opened a public consultation on Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanisms and European Council finally allowed the publication of the negotiation mandate.

Continue reading

First European Launch of the Freedom of the Press Report 2013

Karin Karlekar of Freedom House presented the findings of the 2013 Freedom of the Press Report
Karin Karlekar of Freedom House presented the findings of the 2013 Freedom of the Press Report

The past year has brought a new set of opportunities and challenges to the media landscape around the world. Where are the global trends in press freedom headed? Which countries have experienced progress or setbacks? Has political change in the Middle East improved conditions for independent media?

To discuss these questions, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom invited the experts of Freedom House to present their latest findings of the Freedom of the Press report 2013 to the Brussels audience.

The Freedom of the Press report measures the environment journalists operate within as well as access to news and information. It contains the most comprehensive data set available on global media freedom from 1980 to the present. Continue reading