EU-UK: What relationship after the May 7th election?

The UK general election on May 7th is one of the most anticipated political events this year, with European capitals closely following polls and interpreting campaign rhetoric. EU membership and the basic principles thereof have been called into question by several parties and the current Prime Minister, David Cameron, has promised to re-negotiate UK membership in the EU and put this new deal to a referendum by 2017.

To discuss what this new deal would entail, experts from the UK, France, and Germany came together at an event organized by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Open Europe, and the French Institute of International Relations. Continue reading

Upcoming event: “What will Britain’s post-election EU policy be and how will member states react?”


16 April 2015

Venue: Press Club Brussels Europe, Rue Froissart 95, 1000 Bruxelles

 About the event

The UK general election on 7 May 2015 promises to be exciting, with a more fragmented political landscape on the horizon. Divisions no longer just concern the Labour-Conservative divide, but also national identity and EU membership.

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And when the money keeps rolling out, you should ask „how?“

Es fällt uns allen bei der Durchsicht unserer privaten Kontoauszüge auf: Ausgaben wachsen stetig an, während Einnahmen nur zäh, wenn überhaupt, steigen. Wieso sollte es der Europäischen Union anders gehen? Mit dem Vertrag von Lissabon haben sich die Mitgliedsstaaten so zum Beispiel zur Einrichtung des Europäischen Auswärtigen Dienstes (EAD) verpflichtet, der auf der Ausgabenseite zu Buche schlagen wird. Insgesamt möchte die Europäische Kommission den Haushalt der EU für 2014-2020 um fünf Prozent erhöhen. Dies stößt vor allem bei den Mitgliedstaaten, die durch die Eurokrise zum Sparen angehalten sind, auf Protest. Mats Persson, Direktor des britischen Think Tanks Open Europe, und die Europaabgeordneten Michael Theurer (ALDE) und Martin Callanan (ECR) diskutierten Reformvorschläge für den nächsten Mehrjährigen Finanzrahmen.
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Upcoming event: “Reforming the EU’s long term budget: now or never”

Tuesday, 15 May 2012, 12.00-14.00h

As the negotiations over the next long-term multi-annual financial framework, for the period 2014-2020 intensify, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and Open Europe bring together experts and policymakers to discuss how the budget should be reformed to reflect the tough economic climate that Europe currently faces.

For more information and to register, click here.