EU Special Summit: Pressure Needed in the Dispute over the Rule of Law

3 Questions & Answers with Member of European Parliament (MEP) Moritz Körner

During the negotiations at the EU Special Summit of Heads of State and Government, every position and possible concessions are meticulously fought over. This is also a good sign – after all, finding compromises is at the heart of European policy. We talk with Moritz Körner (Renew Europe/FDP), Member of the European Parliament, about the current situation, to see what can be achieved through the negotiation package and which points leave room for improvement.

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Wanted: An Effective and Sustainable Financial Framework for Europe

For the next two days, Heads of State and Government of the European Union are meeting in the EU capital. On the agenda of the European Council: the Multiannual Financial Framework and the “Next Generation EU” programme for the rebuilding of the EU after the Corona health crisis. EU-expert Thomas Ilka has the latest news on the content of the negotiations, lines of conflict, actors and timeframes.

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Negotiating the 2014-2020 EU Budget: Barrage without land gain?

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair once famously said that the EU Budget is harder to negotiate than the Peace Talks in Northern Ireland. Budget negotiations continue to put the European Union in a stalemate on a regular schedule. The European heads of state have failed to come to an agreement on the terms of the new multi-annual financial framework (MFF) for 2014-2020 at the special budget summit last week. Jan Mulder MEP, Member of ALDE and the Committee on Budgets outlined the liberal position in the European Parliament and argued for more flexibility in the budget at the Liberal Breakfast, organized by the ALDE Party and the FNF and moderated by Sir Graham Watson MEP.
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