Warnzeichen für die Demokratie

Liza Donnelly Cartoon
Copyright: Liza Donnelly

Seit zehn Jahren findet jeden Mai das renommierte Oslo Freedom Forum in Norwegen statt. Das Freiheitsforum bringt Menschenrechtsaktivisten, Jungunternehmer, Philanthropen, Politiker, Denkfabriken und Stiftungen am Oslofjord zusammen. Auch das Europabüro der Friedrich Naumann Stiftung hat sich nun zum dritten Mal beim Oslo Freedom Forum, einer der größten Menschenrechts- und Freiheitsforen der Welt, mit einer eigenen Podiumsdiskussion beteiligt.

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Three ways activists use media to support freedom

The fight for freedom is not the sole prerogative of the political arena. In countless countries around the world freedom is being oppressed and it is up to civil society and committed individuals to make the change. These catalysts were honoured at this year´s Oslo Freedom Forum and we want to bring you three innovative examples of how activists are promoting freedom in three widely different countries.

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Can apps make aid transparent?


Veronica Celis is a Chilean architect turned tech innovator. Together with her partner she has developed EnlightAID, an app which allows social entrepreneurs to collect donations in a transparent and efficient way. At Oslo Freedom Forum, FNF Brussels’ European Affairs Manager Håvard Sandvik sat down with Ms Celis to discuss the role of technology in making aid more transparent.

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