Upcoming event: Free trade across the Atlantic – Reality and expectations

free-trade-benefits-and-disadvantagesHow will free trade with Europe develop in emerging powers like Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Peru? Experts from Latin America will expose the perspectives and the potential of their countries for strengthening economic relations with the EU. In fact, Latin American countries have adopted different positions vis-à-vis free trade in the past years. Mexico and Peru have successfully transformed their economies to open, market-based ones. By contrast, Argentina and Brazil are pursuing political strategies which isolate them from the world economy. Indeed, increasing prices in Brazil have prevented its industrial sector from being competitive at the international level. Brazil´s answer was protecting its firms from the exterior. Nevertheless, the positive development of more dynamic Latin American economies has encouraged Brazil to restart EU trade talks. Mexico and Peru have already signed free trade agreements with the EU. Which are the perspectives of transatlantic trade? What do the involved countries expect from opening up their markets? These and more questions will be discussed with international experts.

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