Pangolin Instead of Panda for Prague? – Turnaround in Czech-Chinese Relations

The capitals of the Czech Republic and Taiwan, Prague and Taipei, signed a partnership agreement on Monday last week in the city of Moldova


The Mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hřib and his Taiwanese counterpart Ko Wen-je signed a partnership agreement on joint economic and cultural cooperation between the two cities last week. The agreement comes just three months after the cancellation of the partnership agreement with Beijing, which failed due to the Prague city government’s opposition to the One-China clause in the previous agreement. China is angry and threatens the Czech capital with retaliatory measures. It also seems that President Miloš Zeman, Beijing’s strongest supporter in the Czech Republic to date, is gradually deviating from his strict pro-China course. Continue reading

“When – If Not Now? Who – If Not Us?”

30 years ago the Velvet Revolution began with a demonstration in Prague.


It started all of a sudden, exactly 30 years ago. Then, it all happened very quickly. The communist regime, which had remained in power by force since 1948, had become hollow and rotten in Czechoslovakia. All that was needed was a strong signal to help democracy win. Continue reading

Prag: Interne/n Buchprüfer/in, Belegprüfer/in, Projektassistent/in, Vollzeit (40h)








Die Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit (FNF) setzt sich weltweit in mehr als 60 Ländern für Demokratie, Marktwirtschaft, Rechtsstaat und Menschenrechte ein.

Das Regionalbüro Europäischer Dialog, Projektbüro Prag, sucht ab sofort eine/n:


Interne/n Buchprüfer/in, Belegprüfer/in, Projektassistent/in, Vollzeit (40h)

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