The future of the Responsibility to Protect (RtoP)

Gruppenbild_1Coinciding with International Human Rights Day on 10th December, FNF and the Human Rights Committee of Liberal International (LI) met in the European Parliament in Brussels to debate the future of the Responsibility to Protect Principle, 10 years after its adoption. Bringing together liberal parliamentarians, diplomats, civil society representatives and human rights practitioners the discussions focused on the growing challenges and misconceptions attached to the implementation of the principle.

IMG_9247In his opening remarks, LI HRC Chairman and LI Vice-President on the Bureau, Markus Löning, warned that the R2P formula needs to be improved. “We need to identify where liberals can act. There are great challenges ahead of us and we need to improve the system of R2P in the face of growing failures on the part of the UN Security Council to evoke the principle in situations where there are mass atrocities against innocent civilians”, he said.

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