Sharing Experiences on Coalition Building in Europe


In Senegal and the Côte d’Ivoire parties the concept of coalition governments is not as common as in Europe. Since more and more small parties arise, however, the dominate parties have trouble to from stable single-party governments. To ensure strong and solid cooperation on party-level, leading representatives of the governing parties from Senegal and from the Côte d’Ivoire visited Brussels. During their stay they gained insights into coalition building and management experiences in Europe, through meetings with representatives from several European member states, who shared their different perspectives.

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African union and CSDP – two great visions throttled by reality?

DSCN1141As part of a delegation of politicians from Senegal and Mali, Ousmane Ben Fana Traoré, advisor to the former President of Mali, and Doudou Wade, former President of the Liberal Parliamentary Group of Senegal, discussed the situation in Mali, while Georgios Kouvidis, provided comments on the future of the Common Security and Defense Policy from the European perspective.

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