Upcoming Event: “I can’t write that” – Self-censorship in European media

FeaturedMonday, 2 May 2016

 Venue: Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, Avenue de Cortenbergh 71, 1000 Brussels

If an internet search has the potential to land a journalist on the blacklist of security services or if a reporter cannot guarantee for the anonymity of sources, free reporting is in danger. The same goes for journalists who have to pick their words carefully in order to secure their media company’s advertisement revenue. In several Central European states and in Europe’s neighborhood, particularly in Turkey, the government is tightening its grip on media companies. Meanwhile German journalists face accusations of biased reporting on the refugee crisis and the Cologne attacks (“Lügenpresse”) and in France journalists are alarmed at the new security laws which grant sweeping powers to intelligence agencies.

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United in Decline? Press Freedom in Hungary and Turkey

Source: FNF Europe

At first sight, lumping together Hungary and Turkey in a discussion on media freedom seems arbitrary. Why comparing an EU Member State to a candidate country, why comparing two countries with different histories, two countries whose capitals are 1500km away from each other? Yet, focusing on Hungary and Turkey allows us to look at two countries where press freedom has suffered in recent years and it enables us to look at how the EU is and should be responding to such violations in countries with different affiliations to the Union.

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