Die amerikanische Schiefergas-Revolution

Im Rahmen einer Studienreise zum Thema „Energy Policy: The American Perspective on Natural Shale Gas“  wurden Energieexperten und Entscheider aus Deutschland und Litauen  mit Wissenschaftlern, Politikern, Journalisten, Think Tanks, Verbänden, Unternehmen und Stakeholdern in Washington, DC, und Pennsylvania zusammengebracht. IMG_5948

Das Ergebnis? Ein facettenreicher (Erfahrungs-)Bericht über Vor- und Nachteile dieser umstrittenen Energiequelle.

Den kompletten Bericht finden Sie hier.

Upcoming Event: “European Energy Union – are we getting closer to connecting the grid?”


23 April 2015

Venue: Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung for Freedom, Avenue de Cortenbergh 71, 1000 Brussels

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Although European integration in the early 1950s started around energy issues, this topic has ever since been hampered by narrow national interests and a lack of coordination. Central and Eastern Europe serves as point in case – it is a region heavily energy-dependent on Russia, yet we can observe very diverging positions of these countries. Continue reading

Shale gas in Europe – potential gains and risks and its implications on foreign policy

IMG_5978Security, affordability and sustainability are the three pillars epitomizing the European Commission’s current political priority on energy. Taken into account the European strive for diversification of the Union’s energy supply, the US shale gas revolution has been subject to heated debates on whether this form of unconventional extraction could be a potential option for reaching Europe’s ambitious energy goals.

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Upcoming Event: “Shale gas in Europe – potential gains and risks and its impact on foreign policy”

About the event

Photo credits: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bilfinger

The shale gas revolution in the US has sparked a heated debate also in Europe. Lower energy prices and energy independence, especially in the context of conflict with and in the European neighbourhood, are the main arguments put forward in favour of shale gas extraction in Europe. But a possible rise in energy consumption, environmental risks and the technical question of how to regulate the extraction, are serious concerns.

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