The Dutch EU Presidency: A bridge over troubled water

Halfway through the Presidency, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte revealed his thoughts on what still needs to be done by the end of his term at the helm of the European Council. Rutte spoke at a pre- EU Summit Briefing hosted by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and the ALDE Party. He chose to focus on his presidency’s main priority, the single market, but during the discussion it again became evident how overshadowing Brexit and the Refugee Crisis are for his Presidency. Not a single question was asked on the completion of the single market, even though the Prime Minister maintained an ambitious schedule for it. So far the Dutch Presidency has proved to act, in the words of the musician Paul Simon, as a bridge over troubled water. Continue reading

Upcoming event: Powering Security: EU Natural Gas Supplies


11 February 2016, 12h00-14h00
Venue: Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, Avenue de Cortenbergh 71, 1000 Brussels

 About the event:
Energy security is essential in achieving stability in the European region. Despite Europe’s strong dependence on natural gas as a source of energy, imported gas makes up the greatest part of Europe’s gas consumption. Such a strong dependence on external energy resources presents a severe weakness to European energy security, as any disruption in the supply of imported gas can result in crippling energy shortages. Continue reading