„National Consultation” Campaigns in Hungary

Orban_EPP 35
Source: flickr.com/European People’s Party_CC BY 2.0

What Are They and How Do They Look Like?

  • The so-called “national consultation surveys” are direct marketing campaign letters sent to every Hungarian household on behalf of “the government of Hungary”.
  • They are supported by a countrywide billboard campaign, with full support from the state and Fidesz-dominated media as well as ads in pretty much every local paper.
  • The campaign against George Soros and his alleged “Soros plan” is the 7th campaign of this kind by the Orbán government since 2010.
  • They supposedly “ask the opinion of the people” but their results are not public and the questions are rather rhetorical – and often filled with fearmongering and scapegoating.
  • They are heavily criticized not only for being “hate campaigns” but also for being part of Fidesz’ efforts to set the political agenda – at the taxpayers’ expense.

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