FNF Greece: Honouring Greek Liberalism through the “Prometheus Awards”

The liberal award ceremony of “Prometheus 2017” – the first awards for freedom in Greece – were established in 2017 by KEFiM-Markos Dragoumis. The event took place in mid-December in Athens in the presence of more than a hundred prominent guests. Well-known actor George Angelopoulos hosted the evening.

38196580984_080105ac1c_oThe “Lifetime Achievement Award” was presented by Alexandros Skouras, President of KEFiM, to American libertarian Tom G. Palmer. Palmer acts as Vice-President of the Atlas Network and has been a longtime supporter of Greek liberalism. The “Journalist of the Year Award” was awarded to Kostas Stoupas, while Greek cartoonist Arkas was named “Artist of the Year”. Publisher Vangelis Trikeriotis received the accolade on behalf of the well-known but reclusive caricaturist. Lastly, KEFiM’s Executive Director Nikos Rompapas announced the winner in the category “Entrepreneur of the Year”. Nikos Drandakis, founder of the Greek mobile app Taxibeat, received the honors. Continue reading

“Donald Trump is running for dictator” – a conversation on populism in Europe and the USA with Tom Palmer

Who are Trump`s supporters and why do they vote him from victory to victory? Classical liberal philosopher and historian Tom Palmer, Executive Vice President of the Atlas Network, asked himself these questions as it became ever more likely that after the first primaries Trump could be the Republican 2016 presidential candidate. He noticed that he was disconnected from Trump voters, he knew no-one who would admit to supporting Trump, yet he knew that support existed. In a telling interview with the BBC a voter said she supported Trump because he “said what she thought”. An interesting observation, Palmer has looked at the motivation of Trump voters and contrasted that with support for populism in Europe. During a whistle-stop tour of Europe, Palmer visited the Naumann Foundation in Brussels to exchange ideas on populism on both sides of the Atlantic and what liberals can do to stop future governments from being headed by populists such as Trump or Le Pen. Continue reading

Upcoming Event: “The dangerous rise of populism in the US and the EU… and what we can do about it”

Source: flickr/justin_case

31 March 2016, 12:00-14:00

Venue: Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, Avenue de Cortenbergh 71, 1000 Brussels

About the event:
Donald Trump is likely to win the Republican presidential nomination, Bernie Sanders promises free healthcare and college education for all to snag the nomination from presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. In Europe, the populist Fidesz party has been hard at work to dismantle Hungary’s system of checks and balances, while fellow populists in Poland, France, Germany and the Netherlands are riding a high of popular disappointment with the way Europe has failed to handle the refugee crisis. Continue reading

“Liberty does not have borders”: Student Activism at the European Students for Liberty Conference 2013

ESFL (Kopie)
Over 350 students attended the second annual ESFL Conference in 2013

„Liberty does not have borders“, that is the view of the European Students for Liberty. They organised their second annual European conference to connect liberal students from all around the world. The venue was the University of Leuven and the conference was hosted by the Classical Liberal Students Association (LVSV) Leuven.
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