“CETA ist einer der größten gemeinsamen Erfolge der EU und Kanada”

Copyright: European Union 2017 – European Parliament

Nachdem das EU-Parlament gestern für die vorläufige Anwendung des CETA-Abkommens gestimmt hatte, sprach heute der liberale kanadische Premierminister Justin Trudeau zu den Abgeordneten in Straßburg. Dabei beschwor er die gemeinsame Wertebasis der transatlantischen Partnerschaft und lobte CETA als einen der größten gemeinsamen Erfolge der EU und Kanada.

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What to do with all these apples?

ApfelThe four Visegrad countries (V4) Poland, Hungary, the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic share special relations with Russia, specifically in the areas of security, energy, tourism, investment and trade.

Therefore, the EU sanction regime which was introduced as a reaction to the annexation of Crimea and Russian aggression in Eastern Ukraine, has great significance in the V4 countries. So do the retaliatory bans imposed by Russia. Continue reading

TTIP: Towards an EU-US free trade deal – But what’s in it for our partners?

IMG_1734The third round of negotiations between the EU and the US took place in Washington DC, in December 2013. The next round will start in mid-March 2014. Talks for a free trade deal may take longer than initially foreseen and major challenges need to be addressed to reach an agreement, but negotiations seem to be on the right track to conclude in what will become the most far reaching free trade deal ever concluded. TTIP would create the world’s largest free trade area and thereby become a virtual regulatory hegemony. Continue reading

The “We-versus-Them” bias – A critical review of the EU trade policy.

During the most recent High Noon Lunchtime Debate by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, Frank Hoffmeister, the Deputy Head of Cabinet for European Commissioner for Trade, Karel de Gucht, Emmanuel Martin, Editor of Un Monde Libre, and Frederik Cyrus Roeder, Founding Member of the European Students for Liberty, discussed the current trade regime policy of the European Union (EU). Continue reading