Repressive Draft Laws in Times of Corona

Human rights violations on the parliamentary agenda in Hungary and Poland


The increasingly autocratic tendencies observed in Poland and Hungary during the Corona crisis have alarmed the European Union. With street protests currently banned, human rights activists fear that the pandemic will be used by national conservative governments in both countries to consolidate their power and undermine democracy and human rights. The challenge of the COVID 19 crisis must not be used as a distraction from legislative measures aimed at restricting human rights or stigmatizing certain groups of people. Continue reading

We are in the Army now

Protest Trans Military Ban, White House, Washington, DC USA
Source: BY-SA 2.0

Im U.S.-Militär dürfen zukünftig keine Transsoldaten mehr dienen – so will es Präsident Trump. Doch wie sieht es in den europäischen Streitkräften aus? Die Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit fragte Rebekka Haffner, die politische Referentin der europäischen Organisation der Militärverbände (EUROMIL).

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