Upcoming event: “TTIP: Towards an EU-US free trade deal – But what’s in it for our partners?”

ttip männchenWednesday, 5 March 2014
12.00 – 14.00 h

The third round of negotiations between the EU and the US has taken place in Washington DC, in December 2013. Talks for a free trade deal might take longer than initially foreseen and major challenges need to be addressed to reach an agreement, but negotiations seem to be on the right track to conclude in what will become the most far-reaching free trade deal ever concluded.

At the same time, negotiations have raised concerns amongst the EU’s and USA’s trade partners on what the consequences will be for their markets. Canada and Mexico, on the one side, and the members of the European Economic Area as well as Turkey, on the other side, have asked to be included in the agreement or consulted on it. However, in view of the complexity of the present deal between the EU and the USA, including more countries could make the deal impossible.

This event aims at discussing the challenges arising from the TTIP for our trade partners and their solutions to face them.

Please find the invitation here. The event is overbooked. Registration is no longer possible.

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How Erdoğan went from “live and let live” to paternalism

IMG_1432When Prime Minister Erdoğan was elected in 2003 he gained support from liberal and non-religious voters through his pro-reform agenda. In the past decade, this reformist agenda has progressively been watered down by the government. Nowadays, autocratic methods are more of a rule rather than an exception. In the words of Amanda Paul, Policy Analyst at the European Policy Centre, “despite the many positive steps he has taken during his term in office, with his increasing retreat from the path of democracy and growing disregard for freedoms and the rule of law, Erdoğan may well have pressed the self-destruct button on his own legacy.” Continue reading

Upcoming event: Türkiye – Back to old days? The current state of EU-Turkey relations

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Tuesday, 18 February 2014
12 – 14.00 h

Tensions in Turkey have reached a new high after the recent corruption scandal involving three ministers which resulted in the reshuffling of the cabinet. The AKP government responded to this bad publicity by denouncing it as a “conspiracy operation” run by externals and their Turkish allies. As a result the government launched a large-scale purge of hundreds of high-ranking members of the police, prosecutors and officials insisting they were all part of a “parallel state”. The European Commission expressed its deep concerns during Prime Minister Erdogan’s recent visit to Brussels. Breaches in the separation of powers and threat to the independence of the judiciary are a major concern. The government’s agenda to push through a number of controversial laws, such as the re-structuring of the High Council of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) will undo several key reforms that have been taken over the last decade.

This expert meeting will analyze the current situation in the country and its impact on EU-Turkey relations.

Kindly register by 17 February 2014 here: http://bit.ly/1eIroMD

Please find the invitation here.

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